#1. HSBC


This is a banking firm that has been experiencing major data loss. Since KnowsSy stepped in as their IT systems formation and maintainer, more reliable communication channels have been created and now people cannot loss or even mix data. Everything was analyzed and scrutinized for any technical difficulties and the best software installed to ensure that everything is within the perfect order. The establishment of identity and access control made the bank system to only be accessible by the genuine workers of the company. Today they have all reasons to smile after compatible well-functioning software have been installed.

#2. Royal Dutch Shell


This an oil and gas company that used to suffer losses due to sales data manipulation and forging from the employees. They hired us to start making more IT systems that could track and provide all the business sales and expenditures all over the UK. Today they have the best monitoring tools and data protection that have only the true figures of sales and expenditures of the company. They have the best tools to monitor the input of workers in the whole business and they can carry out a justifiable evaluation of workers based on the software that have been installed since then.

#3. GlaxoSmithKline


This is a pharmaceutical industry that needed more wireless hardware to provide excellent services to the customers. Today they have the best hardware systems and they can rely on it for purposes of their data. Development of power codes and establishment of intrusion prevention systems made the company to be at a very safe position with most of their perfectly protected. The company has now all the reasons to rejoice because even the production of products and sales are well monitored.